Film directed by Andrey Zviagintsev.

   Loveless is the drama of a family at the time of their divorce.

The story  is close to us in time and  place. There are 4 main lines of a plot - the line of collapsing Zhenya and Boris Sleptsov's family, the line of Zhenya's new family, the line of a new Boris family, the line of their son.

   My work here was first of all in creation portraits of characters. An interior is one of means to instantly describe the person. Here everything is important - complexity of space, colour, history, material prosperity, interests, time, an order. One of the main problems which is solved by art direction is to made the world of the movie real, live. To be very precise in that portraits we decided to build all interiors in studio.

   On the way to make movie real we pay much attention to the depth of shot. In all interiors the special attention was paid to windows and backgrounds. Within a year panoramas for each interior were created, there were changes of seasons, time of day, different states of light. For all sets 3-5 states of backgrounds were used. To make background more convincing, required  a distance not less than 10 meters, as a result we had to lift sets on height of 3 meters. Therefore for shooting medium size apartment we occupied the studio of 2000 square meters.

   Sleptsov' family are typical Moscovites, living in the dormitory area, that fills big parts of the city. But one element turns this standard place into something unique and live. It is the Skhodnensky lowland - the reserve of the wild nature with the wood and swamps, the river surrounded with high-rise buildings. It is located in the lowland with a diameter of 2 km., creating tremendous depth at a view from one edge to another. Being in the city, we often forget about who we are. It seems to us that the world around is created by us and for us. The neighbourhood of the powerful and wild nature in the city reminds us of our fragility. Continuation of contrast between the city and primitive world is the radio space telescope, located nearby. Its existence gives rise to alarm, reflection about existence of other worlds, thoughts of the future, expectation, search, hope. The world of a secret continues in the abandoned camp where the exfoliating paint of walls creates labyrinths of cracks and  blinking of colours, and waves of a floor bend space of movie theatre. Everything is about a mystery here.

 Sleptsov's apartment set scetch.

 Sleptsov's apartment set photos.

 Skhodnensky lowland was used as a shooting location and background for Sleptsov's apartment set.

The line of Alyosha’s mother, Zhenya, is painted by lilac. In various gradation it meets in a bedroom of her old apartment, in hairdresser's salon, in the apartment of her future husband. Their new apartment bears rest through the pinery, which surrounded the house. Her new husband, Anton is distinguished and noble, as the trees surrounding him inside and outside. His world is transparent and pure. His apartment is created from scratch and subordinated to the world around, it is logical and convenient. It is the realized dream of independence and harmony.

 Anton apartment set scetch.

 Anton apartment set scetch.

 The line of the Alyosha's father, Boris, is traced in combinations of red, brown and green. His new companion is the young girl only beginning to live independently, she is pregnant. Their apartment is poor and full of unnecessary stuff of former owners, but the Masha’s love makes the apartment cozy. It is situated in the area northern Chertanovo, another beehive in system of thousands similar. Their place illustrates the idea of domination of feeling over life. This idea that happiness does not require wealth. Possibly it is Boris's protest, and also search of an easy way.