“Sheena667”  by Grigory Dobrygin.

With his wife Olya, Vadim wants to buy a German tow truck. But this plan comes to nothing when he falls for a faraway girl he meets online.

 Vadim and Ola's house was the main place for the story. We were trying to keep the balance between reality and cleanliness and therefore ended up constructing the set on location. For me it's a best way to work. The process is totally controllable and in the same time gives you natural textures and what is most important natural light. It was a complex set, as we wanted to host apartment and big garage in one place. We found it in Rzhev and all other locations were looking there.

 The key was to find appropriate level of simplicity.

 Vadim and Ola's apartment set sketches.

 Vadim and Ola's apartment set photo.

 Vadim and Ola's garage set.

 Sheena667 apartment set sketch .

 Sheena667 apartment set photos.

 Director Grigory Dobrygin

 DOP Mikhail Krichman

 Production Designer Andrey Ponkratov

 Set Decorator Maria Slavina

Property master Alice Solovieva